How to Reduce SPAM (Junk Mail) on your computer

November 8, 2016

You must realize that SPAM is the new way for advertisers to get their messages, ads, coupons, and discounts to the consumer. Some of the simplest methods to reduce your amount of Junk Mail, is to “Reduce your electronic footprint”.

1.Just like car insurance; Make sure you have an ACTIVE Anti-Virus program running, before you go out onto “the information super highway” (INTERNET)
2.When you view an internet web-site; CLEAR (uncheck) the little checked box so your e-mail address is NOT shared. Look for it. You will find it.
3.Don’t forward “Chain E-mail messages”. You are giving away people’s addresses.
4.Don’t respond to “Chain E-mail messages”. You are giving away YOUR address.
5.DO NOT give out your E-MAIL address on every random web-site that you happen to look at, or to your local cashier at the big box stores.
6.For security; many major vendors now require that you login to their site, to order a Pizza, or place an order. You can still uncheck that box (#2 above) to avoid junk ads.

7.Do you LOG OUT when you are done checking your E-Mail?
8.Do you LOG OUT when you are done on FACEBOOK?
9.Do you LOG OUT when you are done watching YOU TUBE videos?
10.Do you LOG OUT when you are done downloading MUSIC from the internet?
11.Do you LOG OUT when you are done on YOUR BANKING or CREDIT CARD web-site?
Clicking the red “X” in the upper right corner disconnects YOU from that particular internet site, but it MIGHT NOT have logged you OUT from the other end. Risky!
12.LOG OUT when you are done on your computer. It’s like locking the front door at night.
13.Now do the same thing for your SMART PHONE.

If you are already swamped with “junk e-mails”, scroll down to the bottom of each of the offending e-mail messages. There will be a small <Unsubscribe> message to have your e-mail address removed from this particular vendor’s e-mail list. Within 48 hours, you should be removed from that particular vendor’s mailing list. You might have 10 messages from an unwanted advertiser, but you only need to remove your name from ONE of those messages to get OFF their mailing list. Call me for more assistance